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Munnangi History

According to the history, in early eighteenth century, a large group of devotees (Munis) gathered from different parts and participated in mass prayers near river Krishna.

They called this place as Muni Koti Puram (large group of devotees represents koti munis). After being called with the same name for almost 500 years, this village name is changed to Munnangi many years back.

Munnangi - Past and Present

Munnangi lies on the west side of the river Krishna in Guntur District and about 14 miles south west from Vijayawada. It is on the historic southern route from Vijayawada to Repalle along with River Krishna and is bounded on its western side by the Tenali route that ran from Munnangi to Tenali via Duggirala which is a major road Connected to Munnangi Village.

The village extends roughly 3 miles north to south (between Vallabhapuram and Pidaparru) and roughly 2 miles east to west from the Repalle river to Emani limits, which includes about 5,000 acres of Agriculture Land. The total population is about 7,500. The population divides by age group roughly into: 25% aged 18 and under, 50% aged between 18 and 60, 25% aged 60 or over.

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According to the history, a large group of devotees participated in mass prayers near river Krishna and they called this place as Muni Koti Puram came into usage. After being called with the same name for almost 300 years, village name was changed to Munnangi many years back.

After Nagarjuna Sagar dam was built, village lands started getting enough water for Rice, Turmeric, Banana and Chilies cultivation. Munnangi village started developing and this brought many changes. The land in the village is still mainly agricultural and gives employment to many people. The ZPPH School was started in Munnangi in late 1970s and is now a well known school in the surrounding villages. It educates a number of students who live in the village and the surrounding villages (Danthuluru and Pidaparru).

The village has one High School, Elementary school, primary health center, veterinary hospital, many temples and a number of other businesses. Being on a radial route out of Tenali, the village is well connected to Vijayawada, Guntur and Tenali and is Five miles from Duggirala which is known for its famous turmeric market Yard. Villages such as the Munnangi are changing and evolving with the high growth rate in Guntur District in the present and in the future. Several new housing assets have been built in the last 30 years in the village. Further developments continue here.